Orthodontic Diet Guide

Foods that are not cleaned off the braces and teeth may lead to discoloration and decay of your teeth. Sugary foods feed bacteria into your mouth. Try to eat less of these foods and brush as soon as possible after eating. Even though your braces and wires are metal, they are fragile and are easily damaged by eating the wrong foods.

No No List

  1. Caramel Candy, Bubble Gum…Sticky “goo” pulls off wires and feeds bacteria into your mouth.
  2. Doritos, Cheetos, Starburst, Tootsie Rolls, Skittles, Laffy Taffy, and the like…bends wires, loosens bands, and can knock off brackets.
  3. Popcorn…The little shells can get between the gum and the band. This will be uncomfortable and could even cause an infection.
  4. Raw Carrots, Hard Pretzels, Nuts, Ice…Hard as Rocks and breaks everything.
  5. Beef Jerky, Slim Jims, Now or Laters…Tough as nails.
  6. Bagels…can be too hard and chewy for braces. Wires can get bent and bands and brackets can loosen.
  7. Corn on the Cob… Slice corn off of the cob.
  8. Apples…Slice them into bite size pieces.
  9. Avoid chewing on pens, pencils, and fingernails.

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